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At Liberty Construction we pride ourselves on being thorough and the quality of our work, we make sure every professional painting project is done right the first time in the Bel Aire City, KS area. Having worked with the communities Police departments and other entities we know more about how we can help our clients in the Bel Aire City, KS area. Being meticulous, clean and goal oreinted means our clients getting the best professional painting service there is, we are not in the business of wasting anyones time. If you need assistance with any professional painting projects in the Bel Aire City, KS area, please call Liberty Construction at 316-390-8447 today!
What Makes Us Unique?
Liberty Construction has an A-plus rating with BBB and owner Mark has done work with the Police Department Burglary Division and Department of Aging to help senior citizens. Working to help people has always been an important part of Liberty Construction goals. Whether the professional painting project is big or small in the Bel Aire City, KS area they give it there all and make sure it is done right and with practiced care. If you need assistance with any professional painting projects in the Bel Aire City, KS area, please call Liberty Construction at 316-390-8447 today!
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- Acoustic Ceiling Tiles - Install
- Acoustic Ceiling Tiles - Repair
- Basement Finishing
- Bath Exhaust Fan - Install
- Bathroom - Remodel
- Blown-In Insulation - Install or Upgrade
- Brick or Stone Siding: Install or Completely Replace
- Brick or Stone Siding: Repair or Partially Replace
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A part or a surface that is to be painted (or stained) on the outside of a building or house. Prep work could include scraping, sanding, wall or surface repair, taping, and priming, all of which can be done by a professional painter. Professional painters should be familiar with their equipment (scrapers, ladders, etc.) and typically would use a brush, roller, or spray gun to apply the paint or stain. Some crucial steps to make any painting project a success start with the preparation work, like the number of paint coats to apply, how much primer to use (and types of primers or paints), and what grits of sandpaper to use.

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